A Relationship Is Not A Reward For Being A Good Person

So…I have a great job, I try to keep fit, I wear nice clothes, I have lots of lovely friends, I own my own home, I’m financially responsible, I have a good relationship with my family, I always try my best, I cook great Italian cuisine… and I’m single. I’ll admit, it can make me feel pretty down on myself sometimes, if I let my mind wander and think “why doesn’t at least someone think I’m good enough to date?!” 

But I think the most important thing is to keep reminding myself that a relationship is not a reward for being a good person. My worth as a human, and as a child of God, should not be based on if a guy wants to spend alone time with me.

My worth is instead realised through the fact that God loves me.

But on a practical day to day basis, it can be hard to let myself rest in this truth. I feel like I am a pretty nice person, and friends tell me I am fun to be around…so shouldn’t this mean that a guy would think the same? Apparently not! BUT…I shouldn’t let that mean I’m not who God wants me to be. There are lots of people out there who are super rude and mean, yet they have a special someone in their life. I think something that has really helped me, has been understanding that people who do dodgy things can be in a relationship or be single, and amazing people can be in a relationship or be single. A relationship is not a reward for being a good person, just as your relationship status is not an indication of your worth.

You have infinite worth because God chose to love you, even if that hot guy across the room didn’t!

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