Men Getting Engaged All Around Me

I often joke with my friends that almost every guy I am interested in becomes engaged to someone else within 6 months. TRUTH!

I once even thought to myself ‘he has nice arms’ about an acquaintance…and BAM, next week he announced his engagement. I wanted to look around and hi 5 someone because of my awesome powers.   Continue reading


Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Why am I single? Am I doing something wrong?

Am I being too funny, or not funny enough?

Am I too nice, or not nice enough?

Am I too intelligent, or not intelligent enough?

Am I too confident, or not confident enough?

Or am I giving out some sort of ‘desperate’ vibe?

All these questions and many more come to mind when I try to work out why I’m single. Why haven’t I ever been asked out on a date?…am I rude to men? do I put up some sort of emotional wall? does anyone even find me attractive? or do I walk around with a flashing neon sign above my head that reads hurry up and date me before I get wrinkles?!! Continue reading