The Good Parts of Being Single

Sometimes I feel like everything would be better if I wasn’t single, especially when another friend announces their engagement or their 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, I just feel further and further behind! But God quickly reminds me that there are definitely positives to being a single lady. These are some of my favourites…

Being single means it’s easier to:

  • Watch whatever I want on tv
  • Watch Netflix all day if I feel like it (I think there’s a tv theme here…!)
  • Catch up with a friend at a moments notice
  • Eat whatever I choose for lunch/dinner
  • Save on grocery bills, cause I’m only shopping for one
  • Go to bed at whatever time I like
  • Have completely uninterrupted sleep every night
  • Spend/save my money how ever I choose
  • Spend time with God
  • Go on a trip whenever I’m on work holidays
  • Do only one load of washing a week
  • Spend my time with whoever I choose
  • Never iron clothes because I only buy crinkle free tops
  • Help someone else at a moments notice

Although these things are great, there is also the flip side…like I eat whatever I want for dinner because there’s no one else to help decide, I have completely uninterrupted sleep every night because there’s no one there to have late night chats with, and although I can go on a holiday anywhere at anytime…I have no one to go with.

So it’s a choice to focus on the positive versions rather than the negative. I’d like to think that at least 8 times out of 10 I enjoy the freedom of singleness and when a married friend says ‘it’s nice that you don’t have to be home by a certain time for anyone’, I let myself agree.

I came home from work last night after a very busy day. I spent the whole evening on the couch watching tv. It was wonderful! I’m not saying that people in relationships and/or parents don’t do this, but I really had a moment of realisation where I thought “I actually really appreciate that I can have this complete down time to rest from work.”

Obviously, I am super keen to one day meet someone special, and to swap the above list of pleasures for a completely new list of pleasures and experiences.

There are so many things I am grateful for, and I think it’s important to choose to spend my time celebrating and enjoying the stage I am in, rather than regretting what I don’t have.

What are some of the things you appreciate about being single? (either in your current single stage or from when you were single.)

5 thoughts on “The Good Parts of Being Single

  1. Thank you for being so honest 🙂

    I miss being able to be selfish (God is really working in my heart on this point). You give of yourself once you have a partner, and then more and more with each subsequent child. Sometimes I feel like all of me is with them, and that I am frantically trying to claw back the pieces so that I can just be myself. In a tangible sense, I miss being able to: read the last two pages in a chapter; eat the last piece of cake; sleep uninterrupted if I am tired or sick. I miss space, quiet, freedom. But would I take away my husband and kids to regain these? Absolutely not. Each stage of life will come with it’s own unique challenges and I know I will look back and miss many things from the busyness of now. I wish I could know what those things will be so that I can make the most of them while I have a chance!


    1. May I add that it’s possible to give of yourself and be unselfish as a single as well? 🙂 Certainly there are ways interdependence with a partner both brings this weakness out in ways we didn’t know we struggled with, and prevents the luxury of indulging in it (!), but it’s not always selfishness that drives enjoying a night home, or potentially having time available to choose how to spend… I find one of the liberating things about being single is being able to be unselfish with time and resources, because the only one that feels the ‘pinch’ is me. It is a trap for the heart though – the choice of what we do with our resources!


      1. Agreed! I find that especially true for me when I need to stay at work longer or spend more time helping a student…I’m fortunate to have the freedom to be able to do that!


      2. Of course! In no way was I suggesting that being single meant you couldn’t be unselfish or give of yourself, rather I was lamenting that the freedom to choose what I did and when as a single is not so readily available to me now (and for me the struggle is most definitely selfishness!) 🙂

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