Sensible, Sober…and Single

A friend commented the other day that at many events we go to, the night usually ends with both of us sitting around enjoying a good chat, while many others are often loudly stumbling around after having drunk too much. The most recent of these particular events was a wedding. When the bride threw her bouquet into the awaiting bachelorettes, most weren’t actually ‘single’…rather just not married to their partner. A look around the room showed that those who were drinking had a partner, but those that were sober were single. While reflecting on this event, my friend and I asked the question “are we single because we’re…BORING?!”

We’re not that young anymore…we’re both late 20s, have stable jobs, own our own homes and car etc. We both enjoy a nice alcoholic drink from time to time, but never more than 2 in one night. But in ‘growing up’…have we become boring? And by making some sensible choices along the way, have I missed out on a potential partner?

I sometimes think that some of my hobbies are a bit boring for someone my age, but then I quickly realise that I really enjoy doing those things…hence why they are my hobbies, so why should I find new hobbies?! At the moment, I would say I enjoy spending my time:

  • Gardening
  • Finding cute cafes to have coffee
  • Growing fruit trees
  • Shopping at markets (both produce and craft)
  • Crocheting
  • Cooking
  • Spending time with my family (parents/grandparents)
  • 2nd hand book and op shopping

I would 100% rather watch a movie with friends than go out for a night in the town. But I would’ve even said that when I was 21..maybe I have always been boring?! Am I an 80 yr old in a 29 yr old body?!! HA! (Not saying 80 yr olds are boring by the way!)

Awhile back I thought that maybe I should be ‘out there’ more (ah, the allusive ‘out there’ which is who knows where)…increase the amount of people I am meeting and loosen up with a few drinks on a Saturday night? But then I think: wait…what happens when the guy from ‘out there’ realises that I like to spend my time doing anything BUT being ‘out there’???

So what’s the point of meeting someone who has completely different interests to me…what would we actually do together, and what would we spend our time doing? I’m not saying people shouldn’t spend their time drinking the night away, that’s a personal choice…(I personally hate that environment, but acknowledge that some people really enjoy it, that’s ok.), I’m just suggesting that I’d like to find someone who enjoys doing some of the things I enjoy doing, so we can do those things together.

I love spending an afternoon in the gardening, pruning my trees, fixing the irrigation, weeding, mowing the lawn…and then finishing the afternoon off with a coffee down the beach, a nice home cooked meal for dinner, and watching Netflix before heading to my cosy bed.

Hopefully one day, I meet a sensible, sober and single guy who would like to spend an afternoon once in awhile doing something from the list above!

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