Repeated Rejection = Long Time Singleness

Is that short time of feeling absolutely alive worth the pain that inevitably comes afterwards? 

How do you get over a crush?  How do you acknowledge that you are interested in someone without getting your hopes up? How do you reconcile with yourself that yet again you have fallen for someone who either isn’t interested in you, or maybe just doesn’t share the same values as you?

How do you let yourself still hope that maybe one day it will turn out differently, and that someone might want you as much as you want them?

Because I know this road very well. This road of disappointment is well traveled.

I’m not saying that I flippantly fall for every guy left right and centre…in fact, my Mum would protest the opposite, as she proclaims I am too picky! But there have been a few guys over the years, that for a variety of reasons, have caught my attention. But not one of these guys has ever felt the same way about me, asked me out on a date, or wanted to spend time getting to know me better. It seems so easy for some ladies…they catch the attention of a lovely male, they go on a few dates and then decide whether or not to continue dating. I’d for once, just like to get to that stage! I know in a previous post I’ve discussed that I’m not doing anything wrong, but golly, it’s easy to let myself think that I am.

After seeing me put myself out there many times, I think my family is starting to acknowledge that this dating and attraction stuff can be really really hard for some people. My Mum, who had a boyfriend for a few years in her late teens, then left him to start dating my Dad who she met at work, has never experienced a guy ‘not liking her back’. But through honest communication, my parents are starting to see that I’m trying my best. I wish more people would acknowledge that finding a partner can be really hard.

What does it feel like when you like someone and they like you back?

My only suggestion to all these questions that go round and round in my mind, is to give it to God and pray that through all situations He can be glorified. Because He loves us more than we can ever love Him, and every second, Jesus experiences people not loving Him back.

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