Planning For The Future…As A Single Woman

I’m a planner.

I love writing lists, being organised, and making sure that every aspect of an event has been thought of. This personality trait is super helpful in many situations, but frustrating in many others.

Being a super organised planner is very helpful for things such as: being a teacher, hosting parties, cooking/food prep, and managing my finances.

Being a super organised planner is not so helpful when I think about the future and it doesn’t look like how I hoped it would look. Consequently, I can’t stop my brain from coming up with my ‘back up plans’ for the various life situations if I am to remain single in the coming decades.

My annoying, over planning brain has decided:

  • If I don’t have the opportunity to have children, I will pick my favourite niece/nephew, shower them with love and attention, and then make them my power of attorney to ensure that I am looked after in my old age, and my wishes are followed.


  • At Christmas time if I have no family of my own to spend time with, I will volunteer at my Church to run a Christmas lunch for anyone who is alone.


  • I will continue to be a super saver with my money, and be very particular with how I spend every dollar, so that I can hopefully afford to retire, because one wage doesn’t spread far.


Things that still plague me because I can’t come up with a solution:

  • How will I caravan around Australia by myself?
  • How can I ensure that I always have a housemate?
  • Who will I spend time with on the weekends if everyone else is paired off and has kids?


I get so frustrated that my mind tries to come up with a solution for every possible situation, because it’s obvious from the lists above that I am chasing comfort. The Gospel isn’t about God promising us comfort, but promising us Himself. I know there are still some practical aspects of life that we can’t ignore, and do need to plan for to a certain extent, but I am trying super hard to not let them be at the forefront of my mind. And also…who knows, maybe I won’t always be single? (I should have a separate lists of plans for that!! HA )

What crazy solutions have you come up with to try solve the unique struggles of singleness??!

2 thoughts on “Planning For The Future…As A Single Woman

  1. Ah, the joys of singleness! I think about the “getting older” years quite a bit: Plans for retirement, etc. There’s also the question of which of my nieces will get my china. But, overall, my hopes are that the Lord comes back very soon! 🙂


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