1940s Swing Dancing, Valentines Day & Travel

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so thought I would just combine the last few events into one post. Lets start with my favourite story…Valentines Day….

Each year, my school does a huge flower sale fundraiser for Valentines Day which supports two kids in the Philippines to go to school. Students and teachers can buy as many flowers as they like to send to people around the school with a nice message. Considering I love having fresh flowers in my house, I ordered two bunches for myself, to be delivered after Valentines Day. The bucket of flowers for staff arrived, and I eagerly looked through the bucket for my flowers…but…


I was stood up by myself, hahaha!!! Not only can I not find a guy to give me flowers, but apparently, I can’t even send myself flowers!!! So I went to the organiser, told them my hilarious story, saying “I know I should be getting flowers because I sent them to myself”…and she was kind enough to give me a few bunches. They look lovely in my kitchen 🙂 Good result…eventually!

Last weekend I went to a 1940s Christian swing dance fundraiser for education in Uganda. The event (which happens about twice a year) has even created a few couples and marriages! So each time I go, I show up with slight anticipation thinking ‘might I meet someone?’  Well, sorry to disappoint, but I didn’t meet anyone. But I did have an awesome time. It was really nice to spend time with great friends carving it up on the dance floor. The night began with 45mins of swing dancing lessons, where the instructor made everyone swap partners regularly. It was nice to dance with a variety of men, but as the night went on, less and less guys were dancing, and less asked women to dance, so apart from the initial lessons, I only danced with a few guys. One has been mentioned in another post (the one who I used my dad’s famous pick up line on)…but it was nice that we can move past that and have a dance as friends. Another guy seemed very lovely, and I would be keen to catch up again and find out more, but he only danced for one song with me, and danced for a longer time with other girls. Regardless, it was nice to dance with some guys and have a fun time. 2% disappointed that I didn’t meet anyone, but moving on…

The most exciting news is that I am going to the UK for a conference in July!! SO excited, and pretty nervous, as I am travelling solo! I did ask around to see if anyone wanted to join me, but I found out 2 separate couples are pregnant, and one will be trying for a baby…so no go with the travel buddy situation. After much thought, discussions with friends, and prayer, I decided to just go by myself. If I want to do things, I just have to do it by myself. I won’t let being single keep me ‘waiting’ until someone comes along, otherwise I will be waiting for a darn long time. So if you have any advice for travelling solo overseas, please let me know!!


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