A revelation… and sorry I haven’t written in ages!

Hello! Wow, it’s been months since I wrote anything. Life has been pretty crazy, busy and to be honest, downright tough these last few months. I guess I haven’t written about it on the blog because it hasn’t had anything to do with my usual theme of singleness…but out of these circumstances, I have had somewhat of a revelation.

Majority of what has been going on has been related to my health. I had to have some minor surgery, but recovering from that brought on a new level of anxiety I hadn’t dealt with before. About 2 weeks after my surgery in April, I didn’t sleep at all during the night.

I thought, ‘that’s annoying, but I’ll sleep tonight’

But I didn’t sleep that night…

Nor the next night…

Nor the next night…

And then for the next few weeks I managed to only get about 2 hrs sleep each night. I’d wake up after a short amount of time with a pounding heart and adrenaline running like mad, while being crazy hungry ALL.THE.TIME.

Not good. Not good at all.

In the past I have had issues with my blood sugar levels, and I knew that it was related to this, but couldn’t get them under control or fuel my body enough to sleep. I was burning through so much energy because I couldn’t get any rest. I was also dealing with digestive issues after the surgery (due to anesthetic and the stress of it all). I went to the GP 3 times in a week, but they didn’t have any answers, and said that I just needed to ‘calm down.’

Night after night I prayed to God, PLEASE GOD, LET ME SLEEP, JUST ONE NIGHT, JUST A FEW HOURS! I was desperate. For those of you who have ever suffered with insomnia, it is horrendous beyond words.

Then I managed to get an appointment with an incredible Naturopath who looks at your live blood cultures. My housemate and many other relatives visit this guy, and have had great success with his treatment plans. The only problem was, my appointment was at the end of August…and this was May, and I had barely slept for a month.

Then in what I believe was divine intervention from God, the receptionist rang and said there was an appointment for me in 2 days because of a cancellation. Hallelujah!!!!

At the appointment, the Naturopath confirmed what I thought had been going on, in that my blood sugar levels were all over the place, and that my body had run out of stress hormones, so was using progesterone instead. Several other things such as leaky gut were contributing to my issues, but if I wrote about them all my blog would be 10 pages long! Long story short, what was presenting as anxiety, was mostly contributed to biological issues (definitely still some anxiety, but it was enhanced by other biological issues).

So I began a supplement protocol, and within a few weeks I saw dramatic improvement in my sleep. The improvement was that I was actually getting some!!! Not like before, but much better. THANK GOODNESS.

Fast forward to now (mid August), and I have to have more surgery (initial issue came back). It’s not an urgent issue, and manageable…just slightly uncomfortable. I went to the Scotland for 10 days for a conference (and sleep was horrible…but lets blame that on jetlag…lol). (Scotland adventures will be another post soon!)

I also visited a skin Naturopath, and began a high antioxidant diet, which has definitely helped. As soon as I wake up, I have a glass of warm water with juice of half a lemon, I eat lots of specific veggies and eat regularly. I also joined a new gym (my old one closed down, boo!). I try to do at least 20mins of cardio exercise a day, which seems to be helping with my sleep. Taking natural supplements isn’t a quick fix. My leaky gut is almost healed, and that’s taken 4 months. But it’s about fixing the cause of the problem, not just a band aid solution.

Sleep is by no means back to how it was before the dreadful night insomnia began back in April, but there have been HUGE improvements. Now I’m sleeping from about 10.00 – 5am which is making me feel INCREDIBLE!! I gradually feel like I’m getting back to the old me. I think getting back into exercise has helped the most (I had to stop prior to the surgery, and I was working out at least 4 times a week, mostly pretty intense sessions).

So onto the revelation…well…through all this tough stuff, I realised that it’s totally all good to be single. I didn’t realise how good my sleep was before all this, and that despite hoping to meet someone some day, I generally felt pretty good most of the time. I’m getting back to the old me, and having the energy to do the things I enjoy.

Here’s to good sleep and the wonder that it is!!!



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