Emotional Vulnerability – What’s Appropriate in the ‘Hanging Out’ Stage?!

So things have been going well with ‘Mr Potential’…I’ve been to his place for dinner a few times, and he’s had dinner at mine. We’re still messaging regularly, and we were both at a camping trip with a group of friends. But…there still hasn’t been a conversation about what’s going on between us, and I don’t know what his intentions are. I’m assuming from his actions that he’s at least a bit interested and is spending time getting to know me before making a decision either way…but I can’t be sure (it sure would be handy to be a mind reader haha!!).  Continue reading


What Happens When You Change From ‘Single’ to ‘Not Single’??

I’ve been thinking a lot lately…about what happens when after an incredibly long time, your life situation changes?

For example: you’ve always, ALWAYS, been the single person, but then through nothing but sheer luck of the draw your status changes and you are no longer single. But your closest confidants are single, your life routines are based on being single, you fight hard for single people to be heard and valued, and you had your future planned out for being single. Continue reading