His Side of Our Story – I Met a Girl (Guest Post)


I’ve met a girl – and I think she is quite nice. I guess I wasn’t really expecting it, for whatever reason I haven’t really ever got to know a Christian girl that is mature and lovely and Godly and, well, pleasant. But I went to a new church this morning and bang, there she was.

She has a mildly strange fascination or fixation really on Mount Everest. That is fine – now I know this, I have done a bit of reading on Mount Everest (8,848m high if she asks, or perhaps I will slip it into conversation). She is a music teacher which is, well, different for me as the last teacher I talked to was at my school graduation (aren’t all single Christian women my age nurses or speech pathologists?) I think the conversation I had with her went well although possibly I may have over-emphasised the girl I was with at church was my sister…. I’ve sneakily managed to get into her small group at church by asking a mutual friend who is in the know.


I’ve met a girl – and I have been going to her small group Bible study. It’s great. She seems so content in her life and where God has placed her and the people God has placed her around (or perhaps she is an incredibly good actor). She seems so reliant on God and sure of Him and the fact His timing and ways are best. She seems so mature compared to other Christian girls I know at church. I love the fact she is 30 (we both were at uni at the same time without knowing it) and has been tested and exposed to so much of life. I was struggling relating to girls even 5 years younger than me, they just seem to be part of a different generation! I have watched her just effortlessly relate to other people, to children and admired her friendliness and care.


I’ve met a girl, but I’m purposefully ignoring her when I see her. Just because I am wanting to be sure in my own Christian faith journey before I would share it with anyone else. But I seem to keep getting sucked back in because our conversations are so effortless and fun and dynamic and fascinating.


I’ve met a girl, and now I have her phone number. It turns out we were independently planning with separate friend groups on being in the vicinity of each other on the coast over the long weekend. She drove across and we caught up. She is quite smart, especially when it comes to music but considerate in explaining. Now I have her phone number, I have to restrain myself from not messaging her excessively. She seems to reply each time, however so I don’t think I am messaging her too excessively (maybe just a little bit)….

I’ve met a girl and now I’m going to Europe for a month. I have spent 31 years looking forward to Europe, always having a fascination with the history and culture and centrality of Europe to world affairs and how it has shaped the culture and society in which I live. But something in me (actually to be honest it’s someone) is wishing I was in Adelaide. When I get to Italy it is worse not better.

I’ve met a girl – but I think I need to take her camping on the beach as part of a group of 9 friends to see what she is really like. She borrows I swag and seems pretty relaxed about the whole thing apart from the lack of bathroom facilities. She wants to drive my Land Rover and her energy and bubbling enthusiasm and willing get-up-and-go to embrace new things captivates me. We walked along the beach and chat with only the moon for light. We walked along the beach with only the first rays of sunrise filtering through the clouds. We talked and talked and didn’t really stop. It turns out she is pretty amazing but I surely I can’t just tell her this. So instead I write the below and email it to myself. I can’t quite bring myself to describe it as love, so I use the word happiness, nobody will ever know (most of all her).


What is happiness?

It is a cloud jumping, floating sensation that bubbles and bubbles and never stops. It is a lack of sleep because life is so dynamic, so restlessly exciting that I can’t settle. Yet it is simultaneously  a rest and calmness because God once again has settled and clarified His Will in my life, once again He has shown Himself and His ways to just way exceed what I could ever think or create.

Happiness is a sense of edginess of emotions, of smiling unprompted and unintentionally as thoughts come to mind, of softness and pleasantness as thoughts come flooding back through my sub-conscience.

Happiness is building crescendo, built up step by step of moments and laughter and time together. A sense of what next in an exciting, eye-widening strength to embrace life.

Happiness overcomes and conquers and puts into context the mundane every-day moments of life, contrasting these pale shades of grey with its vibrant colour and energy

Happiness is a broadening of awareness of other people and catching some of their life

Happiness comes with a sadness that nobody else can truly join in this wild accelerating ride of joy that only I seem to be experiencing.

Happiness is a sense of completeness in my life.
I’ve met a girl – and I’ve asked some friends for advice. I’m away in Melbourne with work. I take the opportunity to catch up with three close friends my age that have known me all my life. I talk with each of them about this girl. One doesn’t really comment either way. One (perhaps scarred by his experiences) says in Christian circles the ratio of single women to men is such that I can be picky so play the field before I decide. The third with his wife says I need to communicate what I am feeling to her and purposefully get to know her first of all as a friend. In fact I need to go on a date. The worst thing that could happen, they say, is it doesn’t work but we can still laugh about it in the future as friends. I take the fourth option available and do nothing.


I’ve met a girl – and I’m back to ignoring here again. I think I may have gone too far this time, I was a bit terse and kind of jumped out of conversation with her as I said I had to go immediately after church, only to go and talk with someone else in the lobby. And then she was at the same lunch I was at – so I sat down the opposite end of the room and then went and kicked the footy in the park. I am finding it harder to keep reminding myself that I decided (for God) that God wants me to spend at least a year sorting myself out in my Christian life before I inflicted myself on someone else.


I’ve met a girl – and I just told her that I am intentionally being friends with her because I think there is something there. She, incredibly agrees she is happy to explore this as well. Even more incredibly she wants lots of time for us to get to know each other. Even better, she is so lovely and kind and understanding about my naïve and nervous approaches and actions and abruptness. I discover however she has booked all her holidays interstate for the rest of the year. This is upsetting and I miss her when she is away with this deep sense of internal yearning that I haven’t ever felt before. Maybe there is something in this that is more than just a friendship.


I’ve met a girl who told me she writes a blog. How hard can that be?



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