Bush Dancing! But Why Don’t The Men Ask Me To Dance??!

Last weekend I attended a Bush Dance, which was raising money for an awesome lady who wants to study how to be a missionary in Africa. It’s the same group of people who put on the swing dance I went to a few months ago. I had a great time dancing to the live band in my good old flannel top and jeans…but while it seemed lots of other girls were dancing with guys, I barely had any offers… Continue reading


I have WAY Too Many Funny Encounters With Men

I don’t know about you, but I have collected way too many funny stories about my often awkward encounters with the male kind! Some of these might warrant longer blog posts in the future, but over the years, these stories have provided my family and friends with many quality laughs.

Here is a small selection of my favourites (Each one features a different man by the way): Continue reading