Holidays: The Good and The Hard

As a teacher, I am very fortunate to have 6 weeks of holidays over the Christmas period and Australian summer. People very regularly say ‘Oh, teachers are so lucky to have all these holidays’, and more often than not they actually mean ‘I can’t believe you have so many holidays, it’s not fair.’ (side note, my usual response is just a smile or a comment about how they should become a teacher then!)… BUT, what I actually think about holidays are ‘my goodness…how on earth am I going to occupy my time so that I don’t feel excruciatingly lonely?’  Continue reading

Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Why am I single? Am I doing something wrong?

Am I being too funny, or not funny enough?

Am I too nice, or not nice enough?

Am I too intelligent, or not intelligent enough?

Am I too confident, or not confident enough?

Or am I giving out some sort of ‘desperate’ vibe?

All these questions and many more come to mind when I try to work out why I’m single. Why haven’t I ever been asked out on a date?…am I rude to men? do I put up some sort of emotional wall? does anyone even find me attractive? or do I walk around with a flashing neon sign above my head that reads hurry up and date me before I get wrinkles?!! Continue reading

A Relationship Is Not A Reward For Being A Good Person

So…I have a great job, I try to keep fit, I wear nice clothes, I have lots of lovely friends, I own my own home, I’m financially responsible, I have a good relationship with my family, I always try my best, I cook great Italian cuisine… and I’m single. I’ll admit, it can make me feel pretty down on myself sometimes, if I let my mind wander and think “why doesn’t at least someone think I’m good enough to date?!”  Continue reading